Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is the 3rd Book in My Handi Andi Book Series. Titled The Girlfriends Women Need & Some You Dont. This book is a must have ! It is a 2 in 1 Survival Guide for how to acquire a list
of Girlfriends you need and dump the girlfriends off the list that you dont need.
Also included in the back of the book is an Address Section. Included are Chapters on:
S.T.Y.D.G. Shop Till You Drop Girlfriend, B.F.F. Best Friend Forever Girlfriend, B.G.
Bait Girlfriend, P.G. Party Girlfriend, D.Q. Drama Queen, Ms.V Ms. Vanity and Ms. S.
The Slut Girlfriend. This book would make a perfect gift as in the front it has a To and From
Section as well as you can personalize it to the chapter your girlfriends applies to and make
a heart felt sentiment to her. Hopefully she is not on the Girlfriends you dont want list! LOL.
To order please feel free to email me at .
My books are being released in about 4-6 weeks via national distrubution at
Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Borders Books.

The Women Men Need

This Book is the 2nd in my Book Series. I thought it only fair to write a book about
the Women Men Need. This is directed at Men and Women. There are helpful hints for Men
and also in the back is the Little Black Address Book. Also included in this Book
are hints for Women on how they know where they fall on his Little Black List.
This book will be released in about 4-6 weeks nation wide via Barnes & Noble,
Borders and Amazon. If you would like to order now please feel free to email me at as the books are available for purchase right now.


This is the first of my Handi Andi Book Series Titled The Men Women Need.
This book will be your guide for how to acquire a list of men that you need and keep
them at your fingertips. This is a 2 in 1 survival guide for women and also doubles as an
address book in the back. Men have Little Black Books and so should we!
Included are Chapters on The G.D.N. Geocgraphically Desirable Neighbor, The F.W.B.
Friend with Benefits, The B.F.T. Big Fat Toad, The One Night Stand O.N.S., The Married Man
M.M., The Steady Service Man S.S.M. This book would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.
You can read it and then use it for your address book and throw it in your purse.
You can email me at to order and the book will
be available within the next 6-8 weeks at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders Books.
I have already sold about 2000 copies doing charity events etc... This book
is a must have for any woman. My next book just released is Titled
The Women Men Need ( A Little Black Book for Men with Tips for Men and Women is also
another must have in my series). My 3rd release is The Girlfriends Women Need & Some You
Dont. This is a guide for Women and also includes helpful tips on how to manage our girlfriends
as well as the back of the book includes an Address Book.
If you like humor you will love my books.......
I will start to give tips on this site every day... some of them from my book!
My books have put into writing all the things we do but do not say!
I am Legally Blind so I am the new Helen Keller LOL!!!!!!!!